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About Hephzibah Horses

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Why Horses

Life can be uncertain, there are no guarantees. How we navigate it can make or break us, and we all have our own unique story. We spend so much time trying to be what we think we should, we have lost our authentic self along the way. 


In the wild, as nature intended, horses are highly social animals living in herds with their own structures and relationships. They read intention and energy because they are a flight animal, and are masters in the art of non-verbal communication.


Horses also live in the present moment, something we as humans find increasingly difficult in our fast paced, technological world, we have almost forgotten how to be a human being, and become more of a human doing.


Time spent in the presence of horses can be tremendously helpful, therapeutic and educational. At Hephzibah, we aim to help you become a confident, self-aware and connected human being with the help from our amazing horses. 

This is not a weird or wishy-washy approach to wellness, its simply working in a safe way with horses to deliver a clear scientifically proven and evidence based programme designed to uplift and enlighten your life.

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 “Promise me you will always remember, you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than
you think.”
- AA Milne.

About Emma Rourke

Emma Rourke is a confidence coach and founder of Hephzibah Horses. An IFEEL qualified (International Foundation of Educational and Experiential Assisted Learning), Facilitator of Human Development, Personal Development and Wellness coach.


Emma has competed at eventing to a national level, coached many people with their own horses and is BHSIII Professionally Accredited coach. She is also is a qualified Clinical Trauma Therapist.

After spending nearly 23 years of moving herself out of negative thinking and patterns of behaviour, today she is living a positive, and faith filled life, having brought up 3 children and been married to her husband John for 31 years.

Emma has had an unusual and varied career, as a riding instructor, model and baby ballet teacher. She has gone full circle back to her first love horses, to combine her passion and knowledge of horses and her love of helping people grow in confidence.

Her mission is to identify where you may be “stuck” in your life, partnering with the horses and the unique gifts they offer for self-reflection to enable you to move forward from self-limiting mind-sets, to having clarity, confidence and connection. This can be taken into every area of your life. 


Growing up in an alcoholic home, Emma has experience the things that most individuals who have grown up in addiction based homes are exposed to; low self-esteem, fear and anxiety, difficulty in decision making, difficulty in committing to intimacy in relationships, and other self-sabotaging behaviours. Her story has a happy ending, with positive outcomes personally and within her family.

In 1994, after the birth of her daughter, she came to a faith in God, and almost immediately was given a desire to help people, particularly women, who were broken-hearted. Over the following 23 years she has helped many women going through tough times to offer an empathetic, non-judgemental safe place for them to begin to heal. With her love of horses and how they have helped her overcome many life challenges, and together with her generous husband John, they have supported many going through difficulties. Emma emotionally, and John with financial advice.


Emma believes names are important, they describe who we are and where we have come from. “Sometimes the names we give ourselves or have been be called can be self-limiting and often defines our identity and how we view ourselves.” Hephzibah means new name,  new identity, it comes from the book of Isaiah in the Bible, "You shall no longer be termed forsaken and your land shall no more be termed desolate, but you shall be called Hephzibah, my delight is her  and your land Beulah (married)." Isaiah 62:4.


Emma would love to invite you to see for yourself what can be achieved when YOU believe in yourself. 

Emma Rourke

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