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Equine Assisted

Trauma Therapy

Horses and Healing

Trauma in Adults

Horse therapy is an integrative way of helping people with trauma such as PTSD, anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions. Our horses teach people how to be calm and feel safe in order to begin healing.


Emma is a clinical trauma therapist. She works in an integrative way to help clients regulate emotions and nervous systems by interactions with the horses and other modalities such as CBT.   


Emma is fully qualified to carry out psychological assessments, providing a bespoke program for  each individual. 

Duration: 90 minutes 

Initial Consultation: £65

Follow Up sessions: £80


Trauma in Teenagers and Children


Since the pandemic, many young people have suffered social anxiety or have found it difficult to return to school. 


Emma works with teens and young adults from all walks of life, helping them move forwards by fostering confidence. 


Working with horses can help teens and children open up and find a new way to express themselves when talking feels difficult.


Emma is fully DBS checked and insured.

Equine Assisted Learning for Personal Development 

If you are making your way through significant life changes, such as a new career, personal goals, or improving relationships; horses can teach this.

Emma's skills in horsemanship allow individuals to gain confidence to find clarity in finding their own identity as well as problem-solving skills and boundary setting. 

Group Workshops

We have a number of group workshops on rotation throughout the year. Including but not limited to mindfulness with horses, wellbeing and divorce/separation retreats. 


Working with a group of like-minded individuals is great fun. Enjoy time in nature and with the horses and have a lovely lunch together. Emma can tailor group workshops to suit your needs from friendship groups to corporate team building events.

Coaching and Horsemanship

Emma is a British Horse Society  professionally accredited coach  and can teach clients horsemanship, training, body language and horse behaviour. Emma coaches for several organisations including The Pony Club.

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