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Heading 2

Heading 2

The relationship of trust, connection and unconditional love that horses have taught me over the years, has pointed me to a relationship with Jesus Christ.  The parallels that horses reflect on an intimate, loving relationship never fails to inspire me.

I often find I feel closest to God when I am with horses, and I have certainly had all my God inspired creative ideas, when I am with the horses.  I have also learned many life lessons through the love of horses that God has given me.

If you are exploring the spiritual side of life, and are curious to know more, I can offer faith based mentorship within Equine Assisted Sessions from a Christian perspective, although all faiths and those of none are most welcome.


I will never force my faith on anyone, we are all free to make our own choices, however if you genuinely are interested, it is something we can  discuss with no pressure.

If you are already a christian, it can be helpful to have someone who can understand your perspective too.

The insights horses offer to deepen faith and have the "peace that surpasses all understanding", can help us to experience God in a tangible way.

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