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Jo Gandolfo

I spent an afternoon with Emma and Sevy during the maelstrom before Christmas in 2018 as part of an exercise to experience the process and assess its suitability for my own executive clients in their quest to develop their leadership potential; I also used it as part of my own ongoing professional development.


Interestingly there are many equine metaphors used in the business environment - taking the reins, harnessing human potential, blinkered to the competition, being at the starting gate, cracking the whip, carrot and stick, you can take a horse to water but you can’t make him drink!!!!!!!!

From a personal perspective, I operate in a vortex of setting out to achieve too much, pushing myself and others to complete everything; being critical of myself and others for non completion, dissatisfied with non achievements and unable to celebrate the considerable positive achievements.  I am still learning to give myself and others space and time and pleasure...

Nicola Buxton

"I loved my initial exploration into Equine Assisted Empowerment and Learning with Emma and one of her gorgeous Equines called Alfie. A sweet chestnut, coloured pony with whom I felt a connection towards and wanted to work with.


Emma herself has a calm, gentle & nurturing manner which enables you to trust in the unfolding process and learn so much in a safe and non-judgemental way.


Emma has an instinctive way of allowing the emphasis of learning to be between you and your chosen Equine, whilst still remaining very much aware of what is going on and facilitating the work in a calm and enjoyable way. 


The sessions follow a structured pattern of observation & understanding of the horses’ perspective. This is followed up with guided interaction and set exercises to carry out between yourself and your chosen equine. This is where the fun begins as you start your intriguing journey of self – discovery...

Sue Snelling

“I completed a course of EFHD with Emma in the summer. I really wasn’t sure what to expect and was quite nervous before my first session. Emma was fantastic and put me at my ease straight away. She explained very clearly what we were going to do and we completed all the paperwork in a calm relaxed atmosphere.


Completing some of the paper tasks helped me to focus on myself, something I don’t really do as always focusing on family etc. I came to Emma’s session with quite a lot of questions about how I behave and feel in certain situations. I knew I was a very anxious person and we did some fab relaxing, grounding exercises which highlighted to me where my anxiety sat in my body. It was lovely being outside and having nothing but the here and now to focus on...

Andrea Mockett-Bradshaw

I have learned a lot about myself through the equine facilitated sessions and it was a memorable and rewarding experience from which I have gained techniques to use in my day to day life.

To connect and communicate with the horses, who through their natural herd instincts read the true meaning of our behaviour and actions, well this was inspiring.

The equine facilitation has made me self- aware and has given me the ability to work on my personal growth and I have learned how to ‘just be’ in the moment.

Throughout the equine facilitated sessions Emma was attentive and made me feel very comfortable in the surroundings to ensure I maximised the experience to gain valuable tools from the therapy."

Eileen Flynn

I didn’t know what to expect! I had absolutely no idea what I was going to experience! but I knew that I was at a point where I felt I had to look for some kind of external support, guidance and direction to help me move on in life and in business.


My initial introduction to Equine Assisted Empowerment and Learning with Emma and one of her gorgeous white Stallions Seve, did not disappoint! Seve is a very large powerful horse and of course I felt initial apprehension at his physical size and power but that soon passed. Emma’s experience with horses is so evident the trust and bond between them is evident and the wellbeing of her clients and her horses take a clear precedent in the running of Emma’s business.

Emma is so welcoming and you immediately feel comfortable and warm in her presence, she has a natural ability to put you at ease. Emma’s personal experiences through life which she so openly shares, make you feel that this is someone you can talk to openly and honestly and trust explicitly...

Parita Sheth

I attended the 'Be still and know – Equine assisted mindful retreat' at Hephzibah led by with Emma. The first words that come to mind to describe my experience and the retreat are: Positive, Calming and Progressive. It was just the type of mindfulness that worked (and the only one that has worked so far) to still my usually very chaotic mind, and the stillness bought the perspective to see things in a refreshingly new light (indeed exactly as per the name of the retreat).


Emma's beautiful Spanish horses were absolutely central to the whole process, indeed facilitating the aims of the retreats. But really, the icing on the cake was Emma's expertise about the equine-facilitated process and the way of delivering it, making it understandable to all present...

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