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Eileen Flynn

I didn’t know what to expect! I had absolutely no idea what I was going to experience! but I knew that I was at a point where I felt I had to look for some kind of external support, guidance and direction to help me move on in life and in business.


My initial introduction to Equine Assisted Empowerment and Learning with Emma and one of her gorgeous white Stallions Seve, did not disappoint! Seve is a very large powerful horse and of course I felt initial apprehension at his physical size and power but that soon passed. Emma’s experience with horses is so evident the trust and bond between them is evident and the wellbeing of her clients and her horses take a clear precedent in the running of Emma’s business.

Emma is so welcoming and you immediately feel comfortable and warm in her presence, she has a natural ability to put you at ease. Emma’s personal experiences through life which she so openly shares, make you feel that this is someone you can talk to openly and honestly and trust explicitly.

I chose to work with Seve for my initial session, I am not sure why, I just felt something for him the minute I saw him, a connection that I wasn’t in any way expecting or in any way prepared for, a connection that opened up within me some very powerful and dormant emotions. I lead such a busy Corporate life, I rarely take time out for just ‘me’, to just stop, step back, be still, take time to think about anything but work and the pressures of life.

So far I have only completed an introductory session however, I will be going back as I am ‘hooked’ I need to explore this more. I came away feeling so uplifted and relaxed and if that can happen to someone like me in just a couple of hours then I am going to ensure I do not let this opportunity get away.

I would encourage anyone who feels they just want more out of life whether it be to move on from the past, or move forward to the future, or both then take a leap of faith and give this a go, you will be amazed and inspired.

Emma/Sevy, Thank you, you are both so wonderful to work with, we have more to do together and I can’t wait.

Eileen Flynn

PS The Texas Fruit Cake was a real show stopper!

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