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Allow your mind, body and spirit to become connected and transform with Equine Assisted Personal Development.

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The process


Overcoming a challenge or making a change in your life takes commitment, practice, courage and self-awareness.


Changing your thought process is not something that can be easily achieved in one session, although one session can be enough to get you thinking.


When you are ready to take that positive step and begin your transformation, a course of equine facilitation sessions may be the solution you have been searching for, where other things haven't worked. 


Throughout the sessions the horses help you become more self-aware, and fully present as they reflect you.


You will begin to understand how partnering with horses can help you transform negative mind-sets into positive ones and become the very best version you can be of yourself.

What You Can Expect


A bespoke programme is provided for you that is evidence based in psychology and neuroscience that helps you to understand your personal story. The sessions are conducted in a safe, professional manner and is completely confidential. YOU set the pace. 


No experience of horses is necessary as there is no riding involved, even if you are nervous around horses, we can help you overcome fear in a safe environment, to support you and help YOU find your own answers


For people who have a knowledge of horses, you will be fascinated by a greater understanding of horse behaviour and how they connect to YOU, to enrich your relationship with your own horses. 

What You Will Learn

Throughout the sessions, you learn a lot about yourself, including how to: 


  • To Become Aware of How Your Body and Mind Are Connected, and How the Horses Can Help You Interpret That

  • To and Learn Various Body/Mind Awareness Techniques That You Can Use as A Valuable Tool to Resource Yourself

  • To Learn how to regulate and calm anxious feelings to a still and peaceful mind. 

  • To shine a light of clarity on your current emotions that enables you to connect better in your relationships and gives you confidence.

  • An appreciation and understanding of horse behaviour and psychology and how they relate to us, and us to them.

  • To learn the value of creating heathy boundaries in a gentle yet assertive way, to improve your work/personal life balance 

  • To become fully authentic, and become the best version of YOU can be of yourself. 

An assessment email is also sent within 48 hours of the session and we provide resources that you can take home.

How Long is a Facilitation

A facilitation is 90 minutes, which involves an initial assessment to see how you would like to be helped. An EFHD (equine facilitated human development) session is conducted. A debrief and points to take away are also provided after the session.


Contact Emma at Hephzibah for further information, to have a informal chat and book a session of Equine Assisted Personal Development.

Understand how horses can help you make positive changes in your life in a gentle, non-judgemental way. Each session is tailor made for YOU to support you to become the person you were designed to be. 

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