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Parita Sheth

I attended the 'Be still and know – Equine assisted mindful retreat' at Hephzibah led by with Emma. The first words that come to mind to describe my experience and the retreat are: Positive, Calming and Progressive. It was just the type of mindfulness that worked (and the only one that has worked so far) to still my usually very chaotic mind, and the stillness bought the perspective to see things in a refreshingly new light (indeed exactly as per the name of the retreat).


Emma's beautiful Spanish horses were absolutely central to the whole process, indeed facilitating the aims of the retreats. But really, the icing on the cake was Emma's expertise about the equine-facilitated process and the way of delivering it, making it understandable to all present.


Her techniques of teaching make it easy to grasp the concepts and register them mentally so that it becomes natural thereafter to apply them to everyday life. And if at all you are an active horse rider, there is always the additional advantage of benefiting for Emma's excellent horsemanship and applying her teachings to ride in a more mindful and kind way.


All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable experience.      

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