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Nicola Buxton

"I loved my initial exploration into Equine Assisted Empowerment and Learning with Emma and one of her gorgeous Equines called Alfie. A sweet chestnut, coloured pony with whom I felt a connection towards and wanted to work with.


Emma herself has a calm, gentle & nurturing manner which enables you to trust in the unfolding process and learn so much in a safe and non-judgemental way.


Emma has an instinctive way of allowing the emphasis of learning to be between you and your chosen Equine, whilst still remaining very much aware of what is going on and facilitating the work in a calm and enjoyable way. 


The sessions follow a structured pattern of observation & understanding of the horses’ perspective. This is followed up with guided interaction and set exercises to carry out between yourself and your chosen equine. This is where the fun begins as you start your intriguing journey of self – discovery, with the process revealing so much about yourself to yourself, as your chosen horse or pony reflects back to you moment by moment your feeling or emotional state. Be prepared to have an amazing experience whereby so much inner awareness and understanding starts to unfold in a fascinating and enlightening way! 


I had an enjoyable time learning about boundaries, how horses naturally and instinctively set them. How I do or don’t, and ultimately how to firmly place a boundary in certain situations.  I may sometimes find this difficult to do, mainly out of fear of offending another's sensitivities, or from fear of another's reaction, or being on the receiving end of an unwelcome response which may ultimately threaten my safety or well- being on some level. It was also interesting to discover what really happens when we put a firm boundary in place, it's not always what you think! 


As the session progressed there were a few emotional tears welling up at one point which I felt safe to show with Emma's professional holding of the delicate moment, her tentative desire to enable me to verbally express the emotion which had arisen coupled with a guided regulating body awareness & breathing exercise soon after. This allowed the emotion to be acknowledged, not judged in any way and for its energy to dissipate in a very natural, unassuming way. 


Energy is a fascinating thing and I am sure that we are constantly putting out messages about our emotional state of body and mind to other sentient beings (plants included!) and Emma's horses help remind us of this truth. Ultimately, to be in a position to give out a consistent energy of empowered embodiment must be many people's ultimate goal and I know that it would be mine. You just need to observe the natural beauty, grace, elegance and alive spirit of a happy & contented horse to see what this means. However, it may also be true, that I guess like all things, we are in a state of flux and influence from many arenas of life. So, how to stay strong in our boundaries in spite of it all could be a worthy skill to develop and sustain. 


We as human beings seem to be so complex in comparison to equines, but are we really so different? Somehow the truthful, unassuming and non- judgemental nature of little Alfie was able to tap into some of my deepest emotions, sometimes in unexpected ways but always with a feeling of gentleness and wellbeing at its heart, proving that there really is something rather quite special going on between us and equines should we choose to seek it.


My day spent at Hephzibah Horses passed all too soon and Emma was a wonderful practitioner throughout, thoughtful and positively reflective. I never felt ashamed, awkward or embarrassed in any way. 


Emma and her horses are gracious and kind at all times and I would thoroughly recommend a session even if it is just out of simple curiosity as you may be pleasantly surprised by what you find. "

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