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Sue Snelling

“I completed a course of EFHD with Emma in the summer. I really wasn’t sure what to expect and was quite nervous before my first session. Emma was fantastic and put me at my ease straight away. She explained very clearly what we were going to do and we completed all the paperwork in a calm relaxed atmosphere.


Completing some of the paper tasks helped me to focus on myself, something I don’t really do as always focusing on family etc. I came to Emma’s session with quite a lot of questions about how I behave and feel in certain situations. I knew I was a very anxious person and we did some fab relaxing, grounding exercises which highlighted to me where my anxiety sat in my body. It was lovely being outside and having nothing but the here and now to focus on.


Working with the horses allowed me to open doors inside me that I had always buried away because I didn’t want to face them. I was able to trust Emma to support me in opening these doors. This was an amazing, emotional and positive experience which I would recommend to anyone. Thank you Emma for putting me on my path to a better life.”

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