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Are you tired of Waiting?

The winter is a time of waiting. The earth lies bare, ploughed and fertilised, seeds sown in preparation for the following seasons crop. On the surface of things it can look like not a lot is happening, however just like the seed buried deep in the ground, invisible to the human eye. There is life, but it just can't be seen yet. This winter at Hephzibah has been a season of waiting, life goes on around the day to day challenges of muddy horses, cold fingers, chapped hands, writing, networking and technological learning challenges for me (a technophobe).

Katie and I have been working with young Sergio to help him become a more confident horse. He can be anxious and at times display erratic behaviour. His natural flight instinct kicks in regularly when he feels #overwhelmed or #fearful. He has also had some physical problems which we have been addressing to make him feel more comfortable.

Often when we are feeling physically below par, it affects everything, our #mindset, our #wellbeing and it can drag us down into #depression or #anxiety. We can become frustrated with our situation, discouraged, and feel like giving up. Our minds go into overdrive as we struggle to solve our problems and we feel exhausted. The news and dare I say it the dreaded "B" word, doesn't do much to cheer us up and give us a sense of #peace within.

How we wait for our personal breakthrough can be significant to the way we feel. How we choose to look at the challenges we face is instrumental to having peace while we wait for our "Spring" season.

Timing is often a very important and overlooked factor. A jigsaw puzzle has to have all the pieces in place to complete the full picture, and it is not something you can rush. In our waiting periods, we are often learning valuable lessons; patience, perserverance, #character building, #emotional resilience, acceptance, thankfulness, maturity.

As we work with Sergio, he is learning to trust us and see us as his herd. He is so much better than he was in terms of #confidence, we haven't arrived yet, but we are on our way and enjoying the journey.

What season are YOU in right now? Have you been waiting a long time for your breakthrough?

Life still goes on around waiting. Waiting well is not passive, taking one step can be all that is needed to improve our waiting time and begin to move forward.

Take that step today by emailing or telephoning 07769682320 for a no obligation chat to see how we can help YOU.


"Do not grow weary in doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not lose heart and give up".

Galatians 6:9.

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