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My story


I was never a brave child, highly imaginative, but scared of my own shadow.  I was very cautious, and hyper-vigilant by nature.  It took me a long time to trust that I would be ok, and one of my biggest fears was being locked in the loo on a train and not being able to get out.  I can't think where this came from as that has never happened.  


For as long as I could remember I loved horses, I have pictures of me as a small child pointing to a horse in a field, whilst my bemused Dad scratched his head and wondered how he was going to arrange for this very persistent 3 year old to ride "that horse".


We didn't come from a background with horses, in fact both my parents had been classical ballet dancers and had toured the world before I was born.  They were very supportive in me learning to ride at local riding schools and when I was old enough I was lucky to be bought my first pony.


On the surface of things life was good, a lovely home, parents who loved me, ponies and ballet, every little girls dream, but the dark shadow of alcoholism lurked over our family.


My story is one of overcoming fear and anxiety and the legacy that growing up with addiction brings; overthinking, anxious thoughts, difficulty making decisions, hyper-vigilance, self-sabotaging behaviours, people pleasing, difficulty setting boundaries, difficulty with intimate relationships, chaotic thinking.  My story also has a happy ending, with recovery and restoration within my family.


Does everything in your garden look lovely, but inside your heart is breaking?


The good news is that all things are possible when you believe for the best.  Horses have been instrumental in helping me heal from emotional wounds that had stayed buried for years.  Horses have an amazing ability to read our inner lives in a gentle, non-judgemental way, giving us the opportunity for self-reflection and transformation.


I would love to invite you to have a look at my brand new website  You will find more about Equine Assisted Learning and what people have to say about it. Also it gives youthe opportunity to subscribe and see what events we have coming up, and read my blogs. 


I would like youto decide for yourself whether you want to know more, I am sure you have plenty of junk come through your inbox, but not everything offers solutions.  I will send out a monthly newsletter and notifications of my upcoming workshops.  But no more than twice a month.


Hope to see you on the other side. In the meantime if you hear the horses calling, its best to listen.



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For more on how horses have helped me
and how they can help you... please visit my blog

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