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By participating and partnering with horses in equine assisted human development activities, we help you shine a light of clarity to improve your self awareness, confidence, and relationships as the horses reflect YOU and assist your personal development and well-being. 

Contact Emma at Hephzibah Horses for further information about equine assisted personal development, or book a discovery session to come and explore for yourself.


Our Vision & Mission

Emma is passionate about helping you to make positive changes in your life, by becoming more connected and self-aware. Horses are flight animals, reading our energy and intentions. She firmly believes partnering with horses will help you to learn the importance of a healthy mind/body awareness and will improve your confidence and enhance your well-being. 

To hear more from Emma about her approach and her special horses, listen to the recent Radio Interview with Sarah-Anne Lucas on The Conversation Show.

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Her aim is to equip you with the knowledge you need to lead an authentic life, equine assisted personal development is an effective, evidence based way to do that. With more than 40 years experience in the Equine field and an extensive training with IFEAL (International Foundation of Equine Assisted Learning), we know exactly how powerful and beneficial this can be. 

Her mission is to identify where you may be “stuck” in your life, partnering with the horses and the unique gifts they offer for self-reflection to enable you to move forward from self-limiting mind-sets, to having clarity, confidence and connection. This can be taken into every area of your life. 


There is no time like the present, act now and begin your transformative journey.


Why not see for yourself, how horses can help you, in your personal development?

Horses can teach us so much about relationships and communication and empathy, as well as healthy boundaries and being authentic.

Our Wednesday Discovery Sessions are a great introduction into the Hephzibah approach. Typically after this session, we design a bespoke 1:1 coaching package for you. 

Any questions at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

A Discovery session can show you how interaction with horses in a safe, non-ridden and non judgemental way, can improve your wellbeing and mental health. If you love anim...
Discovery Session
1 hr 30 min
Introduction to Hephzibah

Introduction to Hephzibah

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Be Still & Know - Equine Assisted Mindful Retreat

 Would you like to take some time out for yourself to relax in beautiful countryside with stunning views, walks, and easy walk to picturesque village with local pub, local vineyard, wine tasting and vineyard tours?


Do you love horses? Or would like to learn more about how they can teach us to be calm and enjoy being fully present in non-ridden mindful interactions with horses? No experience necessary. Bespoke retreats to cater for individual needs.  Nearby accommodation through Air B&B.  Lovely annex with stunning views.

Reflective observations with horses
What can horses teach us about the way we relate

individuals or small groups, contact to discuss your requirements.

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